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Mayfair Capital Limited collaborate with numerous IFAs.

Mayfair Capital Limited's highly experienced portfolio investment managers use a combination of several readily-traded asset classes (cash, equities, government bonds, corporate bonds, among others) to produce differing patterns of risk vs reward for your clients.

Our qualified investment professionals have the potential to add considerable value to managing your clients’ money, as at the core of our business lies the ethos of obtaining the best possible returns for clients’ capital. These are values that have been instilled, not only through Mayfair Capital Limited’s strict investment committee guidelines, but also via their prior work at tier 1 banks, such as Barclays, Citi and UBS.


In order to help accomplish this, Mayfair Capital Limited’s first step is to create an asset allocation model that is appropriate to your clients’ goals (income, growth or both), time horizons (short, medium or long-term) and risk profiles (broadly: adventurous, balanced or cautious). Following this is the constant monitoring of the markets, as well as the performance of individual portfolios.

Diversification is key to minimising risks for your clients, whilst at the same time creating a wider net with which to capture and potentially benefit from multifaceted market movements. To achieve well-diversified portfolios for clients, our analysts research, scrutinise and test myriad investments in detail and utilise a wide range of investment vehicles including UCITS, Bonds, ETFs and individual Equities; all of which are listed on main regulated exchanges.

Furthermore, with our advisory service, all investments are held in your clients’ own names, in accounts set up with our trusted third-party custodian. Client approval is required before any transactions are carried out, meaning they are always in full control of how their investments are managed and can choose to have a more active involvement in the investment process if they so wish. Lastly, Mayfair Capital Limited aims to always uphold FCA standards, therefore our advisors can provide balanced investment recommendations to your clients, helping to ensure they have sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision.

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